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The Bitter Resisters

by The Bitter Resisters

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Struggling 05:23
We never understood the depths of the anger of the disadvantaged blinded by their rage. When people are seeing red, logic flies out the window. Lost in the circus the carney takes the stage. He's got the illusions without any proof He's got all the answers without any truth Their disillusions are his winning hand. My best friend came back home from the war educated in a way no young man should. Impossible to live with anymore he always tried to hang on best he could. He always had his political side but all his buddies committed suicide And this might be enough to do him in. And I'm struggling to find a light in the darkness, nothing's making sense in this world. And I'm struggling to stay on the righteous side of love but this nightmare just became reality And nothing's making any sense to me. I know you wanted someone new, you thought that you knew what to do We've all drawn a line in the sand. So many people victimized by the very folks who've convinced them to vote against their own best interest. So many people victims of their own feelings uncomplicated with facts. You're still stuck down on the ground, you wanna burn the whole place down You put the world into his tiny hands. And I'm struggling to find a light in the darkness, nothing's making sense in this world. And I'm struggling to stay on the righteous side of love but this nightmare just became reality And nothing's making any sense to me.
I Need A Win 03:54
Lately a few big bummers followed by a string of others at the tail end of this awful year From the Vernal to Autumnal I'm lashed to the gunwale of a lifeboat cast to sea a mutineer Normally I'd weather without noticing But the combined effect has got me so low I need a win My soul needs satisfying I need a win My pride needs fortifying I need the thrill of victory Defeat this agony Put a W on the end I need a win I need the good guys to win I need to feel I'm right How could I be so wrong? I need to cheer and have it mean something What more could I have done? A person needs to feel they can depend On our better angels to come through for the win (chorus) I need right to beat wrong I wanna feel like my kind belong Maybe it's only a song I'd love to believe I was right all along I know that it's just a game unimportant too In an average year This season could've been a tonic distraction from the coup but hopeless Volunteers Failed yet again to reach potential I can't believe I let myself care I need a win My heart needs the blood I need a win Something decisively good I need to taste champagne get my mind off of the pain I'll say it again I need a win
The shots rang out and the blood rolled down the sidewalk In a town most couldn't locate on a map. When the story broke and everyone began to talk They took the bait and fell into the trap. Was that cop a racist pig with a vendetta? Was the victim a thug or a thief? Just keep on scrolling til you find the perfect headline. The one that holds the truth that you need. A mad man opens fire at a night club We've yet to see his face or hear his name. Suddenly everyone's an expert, pointing fingers and passing the blame. What God did that shooter believe in? Are they coming to take away my liberties? Better keep on scrolling til you find the perfect headline The one that holds the truth that you need. Preconceived notions that's been brewing in your mind will guide your fingers to the facts you're wanting to find. Your favorite blogger on the web or channel on tv keeps you living in fear and believing in the ones that hold the truth that you need. The anchorman keeps pushing the agenda, the viewer parrots like it's all a game. The hatred and the lies keep on spreading while social media fans the flames. If you ever took a peak behind the curtain at the wizard who was pulling all the strings. Would you wake up or just keep on believing in the ones that hold the truth that you need
A fox in every henhouse A knife in every back a cop in every donut shop but there's no laugh track but this isn't comedy it's no Broadway show it's real life cinema verite but I don't5 really know what that means. A hand in every pocket an elbow in every rib sand in your eye socket he's shooting from the hip the triumph of the assholes whose endgame is this keep us all confused and afraid parading toward the abyss What makes you think that he would ever work for you? His only interest is himself When people are seeing green morals fly out of the window Might makes right it might as well Someone's gonna get us We gotta keep them out. He knows better than anyone how this will all work out Whatever you were promised it's all crooks and billionaires newly encouraged Nazis Seiging Heil everywhere
The only time he wore a hard hat, flannel and cut off jeans Was when he realized he could score points for his team And the dirt on his hands was airbrushed like his tan And the good ole boys though he was one of them The only time he waved a flag and gave a warm salute Was when the cameramen were poised at his feet The boys with missing limbs laid out in front of him were only for the prime time meet and greet Oh he made promises yes indeed Ones that put him where he is today And ever since the choice was made He's spent all his time backing away The only time he fed the hungry was once on Channel 2 When he handed bowls of soup to mountain kids He said "I'm one of you" and somehow we were fooled His Gucci shoes never blew the lid The only time he read the Bible, oh wait he never did But an intern helped him learn 3:16 And with his sweaty palms he quoted David's psalm No one questioned his morals or beliefs He surrounds himself with people who share his taste For things that few could afford And once they finally see him as he is They'll be an angry horde
Oh Kellyanne 02:52
Oh Kellyanne I can't stand to see your face again nobody can believe a word you're saying All dressed up and nowhere to go Sunday morning all alone You ain't on nobody's talk show And you got no place to go Oh Kellyanne I keep wishing you'd go away and since you were already on your way Take old Bannon with you to Hell Give Mr. Miller a ride as well Let's leave Spicey a story to tell You know you're all gonna go and I wonder how you sleep at night with the strangest of bedfellows Hello? Hello? Oh Kellyanne that hand that you're in bed with We understand the power went to your head And it's as close as you're every gonna be You're making me question my sanity I just hope we avoid WWIII You're like children playing with fire
The boys and girls are standing in line All for a shot at the big time This may be your one and only shot This town's got talent. Let's see what you got They don't care where you've been They don't care where you're going As long as you got what it takes to keep the cashbox growing They don't care what's in your heart so don't tell them what you think... Go ahead bitch Just shut up and sing Pat and Cooley kinda lean to the left Rednecks tell them keep it to yourself Meanwhile they call a yankee their Uncle Ted Ban all the records, boycott the band The boys from Alabama, they know where they've been They ain't out to make no bank, ain't trying to lose no friends And they sure as Hell ain't looking to be the next big thing And you can bet your ass they won't shut up & sing We've had violence in the streets, fought useless wars Had politicians selling like a two dollar whore Entire networks paid to tell us what to think We've had good men expressing a different view Ain't got all the answers but they're seeking the truth Their song's of love allow us to be free Ain't you glad Lennon didn't shut up & sing? Ain't you glad Dylan didn't shut up & sing? Ain't you glad Woody Guthrie didn't shut up & sing? Ain't you glad the Clash didn't shut up & sing? Ain't you glad Ronnie didn't shut up & sing? Ain't you glad Ole Haggard didn't shut up & sing? Ain't you glad Pete Seeger didn't shut up & sing? Ain't you glad Neil didn't shut up & sing? You can bet your ass we won't shut up & sing! You can bet your ass we won't shut up & sing!
Remember when I said that I'd drain the swamp (Not Gonna do It) Back when I said that I'd lock her up (Not Gonna do It) Make Mexico pay for the wall (Not Gonna do It) Making America great for you all (Not Gonna do It) I was never gonna do any of that stuff I just said it to get you all worked up All those things that I promised you I was never gonna do I was just using you You're so easy to use... Tweet our way into WWIII (Just might do it) Give away our secrets to the enemy (Just might do it) I'm the best at everything I do I don't have to listen to you gather and march, whimper and whine Putting up posters, carrying signs The news is a fake. I never said shit Show me a clip and I'll deny it the offer is good and you will buy it It's so easy to sell shit to you.
The Mad King 02:56
I choose my hoarse I cast my vote I just never felt the need to put a flag on my boat no bumper sticker slogan ever changed my mind "Fuck your feelings" I just can't get behind I Won! I Won! Cries the Mad King Lit the fire of hatred Burn down the street He could not fail He's way too big It's all a fraud The game must be rigged Started out with a small loan of only one mil He woulda never made it up in these here hills Now we all face a much harder road The world stage was never your reality show Ride that train til you run it off the rails Beat a dead horse boy Tweet your way to Hell I chose my horse I cast my vote But it's up to me how my story is wrote I work harder every day to be a better me Tell all my children Good riddance to the Mad King! Goodbye Goodbye Good riddance to the Mad King! Bye Bye, Bye Bye...
One thing’s for sure Nobody’s gonna call you a quitter Even when you know you won’t win I think your only goal is to keep us bitter Bitter to the end Anything you can do To send it all down the shitter You like the lie Better than the truth With everything you have to hide You wanna see us bitter Bitter till the end Seeing otherwise respectable people Sacrifice themselves to you Remains a mystery to me Looking back from some future time At what we see with our own eyes Something for history to see Re-lit the fires that were out You blazed those torches Made those boys proud Now it’s up to us to put out the flames Turn away from hate And try not to stay bitter Bitter till the end
There has to be darkness to appreciate the light the very brightest star is only seen at night You have to have suffered Winter's cold and gray to fully feel the magic of a warm Spring day We're setting the stage Not staring into the abyss The coming of a bright new age starts from a place like this We need to feel desperate to almost give up hope Force ourselves to meditate put our souls under microscope Like the forest needs the fire to burn away the dead To make the changes we require we have to clear our head We cannot know now if salvation comes When or who or how There is no trail of breadcrumbs But the coming generation should be a reinforcement Should give us inspiration to last the current moment


released January 20, 2021


all rights reserved



The Bitter Resisters Knoxville, Tennessee

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